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Eye Cream and Anti-Aging Strategies

The eye area is one of the first to show the signs of aging. At times, it can also be a reflection of your daily lifestyle, such as puffiness or dark circles due to lack of sleep or poor diet.

The skin under the eye does not have much support structure, which is why it wrinkles easily and isn't very elastic. The eye area is also surrounded by some of the thinnest and most delicate skin on the body, and is surrounded by the shallowest skin on the face. Having very few oil glands to lubricate the area, it can always use the help of an eye cream.

Unfortunately there are no miracle creams that will vanish your dark circles and puffiness forever.

However, many products specifically targeted for the eye area can help reduce puffiness, diminish the signs of aging and control dark under-eye circles.

The skin under the eye is so thin, it needs special care. A basic moisturizer will do well to hydrate the area under the eye, but if your goal is to treat things such as crows feet, puffiness and circles, you will need something specific.

 What to Look For in an Eye Cream

To avoid irritation, eye creams are made with lower levels of active ingredients. They also contain substances found in face creams, such as caffeine to reduce puffiness, vitamin K for dark circles, and of course retinol or alpha hydroxy acids to stimulate collagen growth. Eye creams also contain ingredients such as silicone that act as temporary "line plumpers."

How to Apply Eye Cream

For optimal results use an eye gel or cream both morning and at night. Apply it along the orbital bone which is located directly under the eye, applying it also to the brow bone. Gently pat it on, being careful to not drag or pull the skin.

 Which Eye Cream is Best?

It is never a bad idea to try an eye cream that can target several things, yet actually works! M U V A Z I's Oxygenic Eye Cream helps minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, while firming and reducing fine lines around the eyes. It contains human growth factors, antioxidants and soluble collagen to reinforce tone and elasticity and signs of aging.