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I have been using this product for 3 months and I really love it! It has smoothed out my skin and given me a healthier appearance. The products are non greasy yet very hydrating. I would recommend this product, the quality and price are excellent. I just signed up for auto-ship.  Lynne B.  Chicago 

Thank you for a great product...that I was introduced to in 2011. I can definately notice a difference in my skin compared to other well known brands I have tried. I just love the range of products & so does my skin. Will definately be sticking to MUVAZI & would highly recommend to anyone.  Jennifer D. Australia

I have tried several high end skin care lines and have never gotten the results that I have from Muvazi! Muvazi has reduced the size of my pores dramatically and the texture and tone of my skin is amazing! I would highly recommend Muvazi! The products feel amazing and they leave your skin so soft.  Angela P. Califonia

Here I am, joining the legions of others who adore MUVAZI skin care. I have 59 year old skin and was beginning to give up any hope of having the soft radiant glow I've seen in the magazines or on TV. Not anymore! I am amazed at the texture, appearance, and feel of my skin. It is all I could dream of. All of this accomplished by products that are gentle and feel so fabulous to use. I have found my skin care line! I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you MUVAZI !  Kristin S. North Carolina

I am not one to write a review, but I have been using the whole Renewal Skin Care set for about a month and am so excited about my skin and the results! I have tried many different and expensive products in the past and they always seem to dry me out and cause a feeling of unnatural tightness (even if they say non drying), I have larger pores and have noticed that they are smaller and my skin tone is amazing. I love this line and the soft smell. Kelly Z. California

I'm a new mom and hence sleep deprived. My under eyes are pretty puffy and dark circles are so visible. After using this skincare range, it seems to have reduced the darkness and puffiness. I love the smell of the moisturizer. I can't wait to see how my skin will be like after using it for a longer time. Very pleased with this range so far.  Michelle K. Australia

I am so happy with this skin care line. My face has never felt better. I love the way my skin feels, and the way my skin looks. I love it and I am definitely ordering again. Keely D. Florida

I Love this skin care line! My redness is fading and so are my lines! Thanks MUVAZIJulie C. 

I have been using the products for several months. I have always used quality face care products and have taken care of my skin. I am 66 and I love the MUVAZI face care system. Having to deal with sensitive skin, and redness I have never been able to use a toner. Just to harsh and caused more redness. With MUVAZI I have stopped using a prescription cream for redness and I am able to use the toner. My skin is the best ever. My daughter also uses and loves this product. Thanks MUVAZI Barbara H. California

I have to say, I'm so happy MUVAZI came into my life.  The fine lines are fading as is the blotchy skin tone.  My hubby has even started using it and WOW, it has made a huge difference in his skin!  We both LOVE MUVAZI!!! Tammy M.

This is by far the best products I've ever used! My skin is glowing.  Thanks MUVAZIMarsha L.

I have tried many things for my face but this one is a keeper! It is gentle and does not break my face out like some harsh products I've tried. My skin is so much smoother and evenly toned. I have been using for about two months and can definitely tell a difference in the appearance of my skin. Don't hesitate to give this skin care system a try because it works!  Cindy Texas

A skin care product that does what it says, in a gentle but noticeable way. After two months of use my skin has been transformed from dry and itchy to soft and glowing. I am thrilled to have found a system with no chemicals or added fragrances, that pampers my sensitive skin and leaves it looking and feeling fresh and clean. Thanks MUVAZITracey B.C. Canada

This is absolutely the best skin care system I have ever used! I have a drawer full of products I have tried and disliked. I could tell my skin felt different the first time I used it. My skin feels alive finally! It's softer and younger looking already, after a month's use. I will be a life-time user now. Thanks for making the product that I have been looking for forever! I'm cleaning out the drawer and throwing all my other products in the trash! Thank you!  Donna C.Tennessee

I have only used MUVAZI for 10 days now, but already I am noticing the difference. I had a vertical wrinkle that was between my eyebrows that was very noticeable to me...that is almost gone already. Another big difference that I have noticed, is the softness and smooth texture of my skin. I used to feel tiny little bumps under the surface. I can't stop running my fingers over my face, it really does feel as soft as the proverbial baby's bottom! I'm so happy to have found this product! Karen H. Australia

Before I started using MUVAZI, my skin was showing age spots and wrinkles.  I have used some of the best skin care products out there, and I have been so happy with MUVAZI and how it makes my skin feel and look!  After using it for only 1 week, I noticed a softer texture to my skin as well as my age spots starting to lighten.  I have now been using it for almost a month and my age spots are almost completely gone.  I also am in love with the eye cream!  I have noticed my wrinkles by my eyes are almost nearly gone as well.  I think I have found my new love!  I am so happy with the results! Christy T.   Idaho


I've never found a skin care product before where I would consider continuing with an auto-ship option or writing a review, but MUVAZI is the first.  I was able to see results very quickly.  It's easy to use - I'm never trying to remember what order to use the products, and it's literally good to the last drop - you can get every bit out of the bottles.  And when I'm done applying to my face, I rub it into the back of my hands - they are looking better, too!  Barbara R.

I was hesitant to purchase this set as I was happy with what I had used for a long time. I was so surprised after just a few days how my skin felt and looked. I definitely see an improvement in lines around my eyes and lip area. It is very simple to use and smells so good. I have combination oily and dry and it works great on both.  Susan G.

I have tried many skin care systems over the years but MUVAZI is the very first one I've ever actually RE-ordered! After the first few weeks, I knew I'd finally found my forever skin care system. It makes my skin smooth and soft, all the redness around my nose is gone and eye wrinkles are very minimized. It is easy to use, smells wonderful, and really works! Thank you so much for developing this wonderful system!   Teresa F.

I love the freshness and simplicity of the skin care system! My face has such a beautiful glow that I sometimes don't even wear makeup.  Diane

As a licensed Esthetician I have tried so many different skin care products at all different price points. I can honestly say that MUVAZI is amazing and worth every penny! My skin felt so soft and smooth after just three days and the eye cream is the only one I have ever used that you can physically feel and see the results after just minutes. I am already getting great feedback from my clients! Thanks MUVAZI !!!  Janae S.

Though I had used MUVAZI for only 2 weeks, the instant difference made it all worthwhile! Most other cleaning products leave your face with a layer of residue, MUVAZI Cleanser & Toner leaves my skin clean, smooth and toned WITHOUT any residue! My face truly felt cleaned and toned! The lightness of the cleanser and its foam makes cleansing a breeze! The serum, moisturizer and eye cream are also very light, leaving me with a clean feel even after application! I am so glad to try MUVAZI ! Gladys Singapore

After using MUVAZI for the first time, I felt my skin was well hydrated but not oily or shiny and my face felt soft.  After using for a few more days I noticed an even smoother appearance as well as a youthful glow that I saw even after applying my makeup.  Leah J.


I've only used MUVAZI for a month and the difference I have felt in my skin is incredible.  My skin has felt cleaner, softer and younger.  I LOVE IT!  Don't want to live without it! Jayla C.

I could not find a product that helped the dry patches and bumps on my skin. Christie mentioned this on her blog, so I decided to give it a try. So glad that I did. I love it. My skin is so much healthier and younger looking. You now have a lifetime customer with me. Thanks so much!  Tina

I highly recommend the Renewal Skin Care Set as an introduction to this skin care line. I love having the cleaner and toner together in one product. It cleanses without drying. The serum and moisturizers have worked to reduce the signs of aging/wrinkles within a few days of use. Lauri T.

I have been using the skin care line for a few weeks and have noticed a difference in the quality of my skin! I like the regimen, easy to use, and since I have mature dry skin, I am finding a wonderful moisture level with these products that I haven't experienced before. Thanks for the product line and for the easy regimen!  Diane M.

I have been using MUVAZI for a month and I am in shock and awe at the improvement in my skin. The deep lines around my mouth are almost gone, the dark spots are much lighter and will probably be gone soon. My skin FEELS so much different; soft and supple and full of moisture though I used to have dry skin. There are days I go without make up and don't worry because there is a luminosity and glow. I am convinced that MUVAZI is the perfect system for my skin.   Danee K.

My issue was starting to be under my eyes and I couldn't find anything that would soften my skin and get rid of the wrinkles.  I have only been using MUVAZI for a month.  The Oxygenic Eye cream is seriously awesome!  My face feels moisturized which is different for me, because I have very dry skin.  There are days I will forget to put the facial cream on because my face feels moisturized.  I am very pleased with your product.  Marie G.

I was hesitant on trying a another skin care system, only because I have not had success with many skin care kits. But I have to say that this set has made a true difference in my skin. I have less breakouts during my wonderful monthly visits. LOL I also have noticed my pores decreasing in size within one week of using it. The spots on my skin have even lightened and the wrinkles around my eyes have seemed to almost disappear. I have gotten a lot of comments on how young I look. I have finally found a product that works!  Michelle G.

Three weeks ago I started using MUVAZI and have noticed significant improvement in the discoloration of my skin, a reduction of fine lines around my eyes and lips, and my face and throat and neck appear clearer and feel smoother. Aging hormonal changes have played havoc with my skin and I am so pleased to have found a product that really works! I was so impressed with the product and service I purchased an additional kit for my friend turning 60 this month!  Rebecca R.

MUVAZI skin care is fabulous! I'm 64 and things are on an accelerated rate of decline in the skin department.  Just this year I have noticed a change in my skin and NOT for the better.  I have had a peeling and flaking spot on my nose for several years and have tried so many different creams.  It was becoming ridiculous, to say nothing about being expensive.  You just can't hide a peeling flaky raw spot on your nose.   I was lucky enough have someone recommend the MUVAZI skin care system.  Wow!  In only 3 days the flaking was gone!  Two days later the peeling and rawness was gone.  I have had several skin cancers removed this year and my nose was worrying me.  I am so glad to have the spot gone!  The added benefit is that my face feels silky soft and looks like it is fully hydrated and supple.  I have a 15X magnifying mirror in my bathroom and even in that mirror my skin looks great.  What a relief, I used to scare myself! One of the best things about MUVAZI is that it is an all natural system.  That's really important to me as I don't want to put anything on my skin that could cause skin cancer.  MUVAZI is so highly concentrated that it takes such a small amount to work these wonders.  I love the feel, the fragrance, the simple system and most of all the results!  Sandra K.

I have never had great skin... until now! I have been using MUVAZI for only a few weeks, and my skin has NEVER looked better. The texture and clarity of my skin has improved so much. I have had less breakouts, and old scars from breakouts are starting to disappear. The fine lines around my eyes are disappearing as well. I find the longer I use it, the better my skin gets!  Cali J.

I like the easy regimen,and look forward to using it daily. Your products smell so good and I can't believe how soft and nice my skin is. This is a great product and a little something you do for yourself that is easy and rewarding. Keep up with the great product line. I had an area on my face that just wouldn't heal for the last year and now it is improving very quickly.  Barb E. 

I have used this kit only 2 times and my skin already has shown results! It is a miracle! I have huge pores, forehead lines and lots of sunspots from years of tanning and after only 2 uses I see the difference! I can only imagine after 1 week and so on! This product works! Worth every penny and then some!  Zen