Golden Skin Care is it Worth More?

Posted by Tia on 9/13/2011 to Ingredients

Gold Bar.jpgHaving read the following article in The New York Times Gold Face Cream: A Costly Leap of Faith We had a similar reaction interesting but we wont be buying these products with gold in them any time soon.  What was more interesting about the article to us was the contrast between the claims made by the manufacturers of the skincare products that included gold compared to the doctors opinions about these claims.  To say that the two sides have opposing views would be a huge understatement.  Those producing the skincare products with gold as an ingredient claim that gold is anti-aging and anti-inflammatory while doctors say that gold is irritating, can cause allergic reactions, and is toxic in high doses.  Yet despite what the doctors say people keep buying these creams and claiming that the gold in them helps their skin . . . gold is a good hedge against inflation.

Two things were very interesting to us about this article.  One was the opposing opinions of the doctors and product manufacturers about what gold can do for the skin.  And the other thing that interested us was the fact that these products were popular despite the very high costs (see this related article Even Cleopatra Didnt Have These).  We guess some people figure the more expensive a product the better it works?  Of course, high cost doesnt mean much when it comes to good skincare product formulation.  People buy into the idea that if gold is rare and costly than it must be good for you?  In our opinion there is no need to buy products just for the gold they contain.  There are so many other great skincare ingredients that have a proven track record of both effectiveness and safety.  We recommend that you should steer clear of rare and unusual ingredients if that is all the product has to offer.

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