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Emulsifer For All Natural Skin CareEmulsifiers are an important component of all natural skin care. This article will discuss what an emulsifier is, and how all natural emulsifiers work. To understand emulsifiers, lets first take a look at what an emulsion is.

An emulsion is a blend of at least two liquids that would typically be immiscible. Immiscible is a chemistry term for two substances that wont blend due to their chemical properties. To make them blend special techniques and ingredients called emulsifiers must be used. Even though the words emulsion and colloid are sometimes used interchangeably, they are technically different. An emulsion occurs when both ingredients are liquid. These two liquids are referred to as the dispersed phase and the continuous phase. The dispersed phase is dispersed throughout the continuous phase to create an emulsion. A colloid is broader than that, and is simply the mixture of two different ingredients that are microscopically dispersed. An emulsion is one type of colloid created between a liquid and a liquid. There are other terms for other types of colloids. A solid and a solid will create whats called a solid sol. A gas and a gas cant technically create a colloid since all gases are naturally miscible. When a liquid disperses into a gas it creates a liquid aerosol such as fog or hair spray. When a solid disperses into a gas it creates a solid aerosol such as smoke or clouds. When a solid disperses into a liquid it creates a sol such as ink or blood. When a gas disperses into a liquid it creates a foam such as shaving cream or whipped cream. Finally, when a liquid disperses into a solid it creates a gel such as gelatin or jelly, and when a gas disperses into a solid it creates a solid foam such as styrofoam. 

What does this scientific information have to do with all natural skin care? Well, making all natural skin care products requires dispersing one ingredient into another to create a smooth cream, lotion, gel or other product. To create an emulsion requires an emulsifier, a substance that helps to stabilize an emulsion. For instance, egg yolk is used to emulsify some homemade all natural skin care products. Emulsifiers are ingredients with chemical properties such that they can interact with both water and oil, two immiscible substances. An emulsifier stabilizes the interaction so that both oil and water can be suspended in the emulsion.
All skin care products require emulsification, but some are not suitable for all natural skin care products. Beeswax is an emulsifier, also a thickener and humectant that can be used in all natural products. You have to be careful how you use beeswax in all natural skin care products because it can potential cause problems with clogging pores. It is still a very useful ingredient though. Lecithin is another natural emulsifier that can be used in natural products. Lecithin can be derived from plants such as soybeans, canola seed, and corn. Yolk lecithin can be made from egg yolks. Lecithin makes a very creamy lotion or thick cream in all natural skin care.

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