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Beta-Glucans are more than just a cosmetic ingredient

You may remember a time when your mother lovingly consoled you as she cleaned your wound, applied an antibiotic ointment and then placed a bandage over the area.

Norwegian researchers would have you replace the antibiotic ointment with a common substance derived from Beta-Glucans. These researchers, who recently publicized their findings through the Research Council of Norway, observed that Beta-Glucans accelerate wound healing and fight infection in animal models.

The research team plans to make a commercial wound healing gel available in 2012.

Dr. Rolf Einar Engstad, Chief Scientific Officer of the company responsible for the research, Biotec Pharmacon, asserts, "This will be a unique product that can be used for treating all types of wounds: surgical incisions, diabetic ulcers and bedsores. There is nothing on the global market that heals wounds in the same way."

Beta glucan is considered an external immunomodulator. External immunomodulators are substances that have been shown to modify the immune systems response to a threat upon it. It is an all-natural, food source derived dietary supplement. It modulates and potentiates the macrophage (white blood cells), keeping them in a highly prepared state for any threat our immune system may encounter. With this balancing effect, all subsequent immune responses improve. When your immune system is in this highly prepared state, the invading organisms do not have the time to build up force and strength before the immune system attacks, destroys and/or weakens the invader.

Beta glucan has over 1,600 general research papers ranging across 40 years. A majority of this health related research has been completed at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Harvard Medical School, Tulane University, National Cancer Institute, Department of Defense and the Department of Agriculture, just to name a few. These studies have been performed on literally every health condition / disease known to humanity, and time and time again it has proven itself to be second to none. It has also been shown to provide beneficial effects in the sports / athletic health fitness field.